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Restaurant Website: Quick tips to build webs for your restaurants

The restaurant website is essential for you to approach more hungry diners. People will search online for what and where they want to eat. If you had a restaurant and considering building a website for it, the answer is yes. Below is the actionable guide for you to build a website for your restaurant.

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By Celine Nguyen

A restaurant website is essential for you to approach more hungry diners. People will search online for what and where they want to eat. That’s the fact before COVID-19.

Now, people search for not only the restaurants’ information but also want to order online. Thus, the competition of eateries now has been hotter with appetizing designs and great UX for placing orders.

Some visible benefits that a website can bring to your restaurants:

  • Strengthen your visibility on the search engines: your local guests can see your website and the direction to your restaurant because search engines will prioritize to show places that are near to its users.
  • Provide your information: available time, contacts, locations, etc. Customers tend to be attracted by the restaurants which provide the full information they need.
  • Show your menus and appetizing food images: people prefer to be informed about what they will eat and they tend to choose the restaurant that shows its menu clearly.
  • Increase your competitiveness via offering online reservations and food delivery: this is the crucial factor to grow your restaurant in this digital era.
  • Enhance your quality commitment by showing reviews: people like check-in and sharing their thoughts. Showing their experience at your restaurant can strongly enhance your brand.

If you had a restaurant and considering building a website for it, the answer is yes. Below is the actionable guide for you to build a website for your restaurant

Step 1: Define the goals and purpose

The website will be the online presence of your restaurant. Thus, you need to be very clear with how you want your website look like.

The goals and purposes will decide the design, content and which features should be integrated.

If your goal is getting more guests visiting your eatery, you can start with showing the basic information. Your web must provide the direction to your restaurant, available hour and contacts. In advance, you may consider about offer online reservation with a incentive floor plan for people to choose their favorite spot.

Moreover, don’t forget to show your menu and the atmosphere at your restaurant via professional and high quality images. Your website is your own gallery to display everything you offer that is attractive to your customers.

Besides, many restaurants are offering online orders and delivery lately. You can aim to build your website supporting online orders and delivery quickly and easily.

Step 2: Budget, time and resources

Based on the goals, you can plan how to put your plans into action. You can evaluate the budget, time and resources that you want to spent on this project. Then decide whether you want to build this site yourself or finding someone to help you.

Set a cost budget as well as a time budget for either yourself or others creating your site. Be realistic at this stage and use this plan to keep you and the site on track.

It is recommended that you should find an expert to build your site. This will save you a lot of time and you can be dedicate to manage your restaurant. Moreover, you also need time to enhance your operation such as online reservation and order management. This can ensure that your restaurant can operate well after launching the site.

Step 3: Pick a platform

This is a technical step. You’ll have a few critical components to consider when building a website from scratch.Fortunately, there are many one-stop-shop providers who can help you everything.

Start with a domain name. You register a domain name through these providers. Try to keep it simple and just go with your restaurant name. You also can find standard hosting packages built into their website management offerings.

Hosting essentially refers to the server space where all your website information and creativity are stored. It’s these hosted files that are being accessed when someone visits your website or when you make changes.

After domain name and hosting, it’s time to start with designing and development. You can opt to use templates that are identical with many other restaurant websites, or work with a web development company to create a unique site.

Keep in mind that the platform you choose should support your marketing strategy and needs. They must provide tools to help you collect data or SEO.

The platform also need to allow you to integrate the features for online ordering or reservations.

Step 4: Create brand assets for digital use

Now, it’s all about how you show your restaurant online.

Your restaurant website design should be not just beautiful, but effective as well. An effective website for restaurants blends both the visual aspects and usefulness into one design.

Your restaurant website design allows customers to find information like menus, location, hours of operation and contact info easily without too much distraction. However the customer must also get a sense of what this restaurant is about, their atmosphere, service and quality of food through the design aspects of the website.

Step 5: Build your restaurant website

Now, it’s time to build your website. Ask for feedback from friends and family and staff along the way. Check the other restaurant websites and figure out what you like and dislike.

You can start with a simple one page web first. You always can improve and enhance it in the future.

This is a great opportunity to define the ethos of your restaurant, talk about why your head chef got into cooking, highlight some of your excellent dishes and cocktails.

What’s most critical is that as you put your site together, you make it your own, reflecting your unique approach to this highly personalized service sector.

Final thought

Above are the 5 critical steps to build a website for your restaurant. This process requires time and resources.

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