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Web Development Cost: The differences of $2,500 vs $250,000 sites

In practice, website development cost may vary from the moderate $5000 to even the jaw-dropping $250,000. And you might wonder what kinds of implied differences lie in that large range of price.

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By Celine Nguyen

In practice, web development cost may vary from $2,500 to even $250,000. What caused that huge range? How does a standard website differ from a tailor-made one?

We can explore the differences in the 5 below aspects.

1. Web development technology and approach

There are various options for web development approaches. Choosing the development approaches can decide how your website costs.

From $1,000 – $3,000, you also can have a website for personal use, such as a blog, portfolio, etc. This approach requires no development skills, just some drag, and drop. You can build a website yourself quickly and easily on Wix or Weebly.

With an eCommerce site, you can find ready-made solutions for low-budget website development software. The popular options are WordPress (used by 25% of all websites), Squarespace, Shopify, etc. However, you may need developers to help you use this software. The cost for professional developers can be from $500 to $2,000.

The above approaches are applicable for simple and personal websites. The customization is limited. And, you will be dependent on the providers for updates and changes beyond the available elements.

However, with professional corporate websites or high-traffic eCommerce sites with special requirements, you need to consider custom website development. This means you will build your website from scratch. Although this solution can be time-consuming and costly, your website will be tailor-made, optimized, and enhanced UX. Professional web development companies will support you from the very first stages. This also will be a valuable opportunity for you to learn about building and managing websites from experts.

The cost for bespoke website developments can be much higher, yet it would be worth it in the long term.

2. Web design and User Experience

Normally, with a low-budget web development service, you can find ubiquitous templates with limited customization options. The templates would be elementary, with some options of font and theme to ensure your standard website will work well on different screen sizes. Thus, you can’t expect a unique website that can represent your brand with this solution.

On the other hand, you can expect a high-quality website with a sophisticated look with a $250,000 budget. For example, at Arestós, all website development projects will be started by studying the business, brands, and target users. Thus. we can ensure that the website will be professional with a suitable user experience.  Our clients can expect a bespoke website that fits their target audience, increases their online engagement.

3. Security system

DIY websites will be protected by the security system build by the website builders. However, the level of security will be fundamental to apply to massive websites. Thus, template websites are usually the target of hackers.

Meanwhile, tailor-made websites with custom codes are less accessible to hackers. You are free to choose the right security levels to protect your content and customer data. Moreover, you are free to upgrade the security levels along with the growth of your website data.

4. Professional consultancy

Building a website can be overwhelming with a huge load of information and solutions. With a DIY website builder, you may find out how to build a general online presence to show your information and sell a few simple products. However, it would require more development knowledge to effectively turn your website into a marketing hub for your business. It will be more complicated when you want your website to have special features to enhance the user experience.

In contrast, a professional website company can suggest the best features and how your website should engage more customers. Moreover, your custom website won’t be a stand-alone part of your business, but strategically aligning will all aspects of your business. You will receive consultancy about integrate your website with sales management, tracking inventory, support your marketing activities.

5. Deployment and maintenance

With low-budget websites, your contract with the developers will end after delivery. Anything matters happening after that, such as server updates, data loss, security, will issue additional costs. It is also unsure that you can have the former developer support you in the long term.

You won’t have to concern about these matters with a high-priced website. A professional website company will build your website with a vision of possible issues after deploying the site. They will follow to ensure that the website operates effectively.

Key takeaway on web development cost

It can be easy and quick to go with a low-cost DIY website. It would be an ideal option for your personal blog or small online stores.

If you plan for a professional and high-quality website that can represent your brands and operate your eCommerce business, a custom website should be the best choice and worth a considerate investment.

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