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Top 6 FREE WordPress Tutorials websites and blogs for newbies in 2023

Are you new to WordPress and looking for the best WordPress tutorials? Everyone nowadays wants to have an online presence for their company, work, or services. They will need a modern-looking website with an appealing design. 

About the Author: Thanh Huyen

By Thanh Huyen

Are you new to WordPress and looking for the best WordPress tutorials?

Everyone nowadays wants to have an online presence for their company, work, or services. They will need a modern-looking website with an appealing design. 

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular open-source website builders and CMS (Content management systems because it is simple to learn and use, WordPress is the first choice for many new web developers. 

However, building a website, on the other hand, is easier said than done correctly! If you have no experience with WordPress or web development, it will be difficult to complete all of the work on your own. 

Thus, in this article we will list the 6 best free WordPress Tutorial Websites where you can learn the fundamentals of WordPress and WordPress website development.

WordPress Learn

WordPress Lessons offers free online WordPress courses and tutorials for beginners. Powered by, this tutorial point covers all the most basic configurations of WordPress websites with detailed step-by-step guides. 

Furthermore, most content revolves around the process of website building, including blog post-publication, content marketing, and theme choosing & customization.

In addition,, the tutorials on WordPress Lessons are easy-to-follow and have some basic and intermediate tutorials for beginners. 

However, this online beginner WordPress tutorial website is not the best option for web developers who want to understand WordPress at theintermediate or advanced skill level. 

But it is a free WordPress tutorial website, and the tutorials on it are easy to follow and understand. Therefore, it makes the first place on our list.

WPBeginner’s Free wordpress tutorials

Ready to get started on your site with a step-by-step tutorial? WPBeginner is the best one available. It guides you through the entire process, from selecting a domain name and setting up hosting to customizing your site with plugins and beyond.

WPBeginner has been around since 2009 and is the go-to resource for anyone looking for help with WordPress.


Another well-known location for learning WordPress website development is Hongkiat. It provides up-to-date content on WordPress, web design, and cutting-edge technology. 

In addition, Hongkiat has a large number of articles and posts that cover the finer points of WordPress, such as installing plugins and themes, changing permalinks, and securing the WordPress website. 

Moreover, Hongkiat publishes new articles and posts every week, which include learning tutorials, tool recommendations, tips and tricks, and so on.

This platform also includes other WordPress-related topics such as theme and plugin reviews, debugging tips and tricks, and so on. 

Although Hongkiat is primarily aimed at beginners, advanced learning tutorials can be purchased in the deals section to help you improve your skills even further.

All in One SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Want to increase traffic by learning the fundamentals of SEO? Then All in One SEO is the place to be!

All in One SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin. It can assist you in a variety of ways to improve your SEO on your WordPress site, such as creating a sitemap, adding titles and meta descriptions to your pages and posts, keyword-optimizing your content, and much more.

Arestós Digital Business Blog

Arestós is a software development and ERP consulting firm that provides comprehensive digital business solutions such as corporate web design, online store development, and custom business management software.

Arestós Digital Business Blog is one of the best free online beginner WordPress tutorial websites on the list. It is ideal for anyone interested in learning web design, WordPress, and website development with WordPress. 

Moreover, it offers exceptional learning tutorials and content to users interested in creating a website for both personal or commercial use.

We offer WordPress Website services as well as blog articles to assist customers in better managing their websites.


WPForms: Forms

Check out WPForms, the best forms plugin for WordPress, if you need a simple contact form or more complex forms.

Visit the WPForms blog for tutorials on anything and everything related to forms. Learn how to make survey forms, payment forms, and newsletter signup checkboxes for your forms, among other things.


Aside from these websites, there are several others that offer WordPress website tutorials. These six websites made our list because their tutorials are detailed and simple to follow.

We hope you found some WordPress tutorials useful in building, maintaining, and optimizing your WordPress website. You can contact Arestós to get free consultancy on how to plan, build, and launch your WordPress website.

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