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How to build the best-suited CRM for your business

CRM - Customer Relationship Management is crucial to any business. 82% of top salespeople cite CRM tools as “critical” to their ability to close deals. Let's check how to achieve a potent CRM to boost your business' growth.

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5 quick tips to refine your eCommerce Website to boost sales

Festival season is coming with the heat of shopping demand. It's time to review your eCommerce website and ensure that it will perform well to help you boost sales during this competitive season.

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5 Reasons why you should use WooCommerce for your eCommerce web

WooCommerce is well-know of over 2000 ready-to-use beautiful themes. Moreover, they’re highly customizable that you can do it yourself if you’re short on time.

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5 characteristics of a winning e-commerce website in Hong Kong

The common issues of many online businesses are websites that have issues handling the increased traffic, and products quickly going out of stock experienced by the city’s stores. Besides, many customers complain that the shopping experience and websites much needs to be improved.

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How can a complete ERP solution transform your business?

ERP solution is a popular term in this digital era. It is well-known for several benefits for business. From improving communication, enhancing productivity, reducing operational costs, many companies (including your competitors) are adopting it to boost their growth. According to a report in 2019, in the Asia Pacific, the market value for ERP software has increased to $9.67 billion by 2020 and predicted to reach $26.37 billion by 2026. Yet, with the effect of COVID-19 forcing companies to implement remote working, the numbers would be dramatically higher due to the practical perks of ERP for teleworking. So, what an ERP [...]

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E-Commerce mobile app: 3 key reasons why you need one

Although online shopping has been on the rise already, the COVID-19 global pandemic still brought unprecedented popularity to this sector. People from all over the world are staying at home, spending most of their time using smartphones, and shopping online. According to the latest PYMNTS' 2020 Remote Payments Study, mobile devices are the most popular device for online shopping by a wide margin. 72% of consumers are using mobile devices to shop in stores. Thus, to provide a seamless online shopping experience, it is crucial to have an E-commerce mobile app beyond the eCommerce web. Let's quickly recap why you [...]

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How technology helps a smooth transition to remote work?

Remote work is skyrocketing and mandatory during this critical time. And a few months, the model of working from home receives a lot of positive responses than expected. A survey conducted by IBM found that 54% of employees would prefer to remain working at home after the pandemic. And, many studies have shown that those who work from home full-time reported being happy in their job 22% more than their counterparts who spent no time working from home. However, we know that many businesses are dipping their toes in the water of remote working with many concerns in mind. For [...]

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D-Biz Program: 5 things you need to know before applying

Due to the COVID19, businesses of all industries are hit hard. The Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Bureau announced allocating $500 million from the 2nd round of Anti-Epidemic funds to set up the “Distance Business Program (D-Biz Program)” to support enterprises to continue business with technology adoption. Below are the crucial tips for you to win this fund. Since last month, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has launched the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) to support enterprises via funding for their IT adoption to developed distance business and fight the pandemic. After helping with many clients prepare their applications, we [...]

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How AI Chatbot becomes your sales’s saver amid COVID-19

The impacts of the pandemic showing no sign to stop soon and puts businesses on the line. Innovative technologies like AI Chatbot are coming to the rescue the businesses in many different ways, especially sales to fight against this pandemic. Besides the serious issues on people's health, COVID-19 is growing immense impacts on all aspects of businesses worldwide. In the era that most of the global population is being isolated at home, sales which is the backbone of every business's lives is put at risk. There come innovative technology solutions like AI Chatbot as a saver with great benefits such [...]

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