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Due to the COVID19, businesses of all industries are hit hard. The Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Bureau announced allocating $500 million from the 2nd round of Anti-Epidemic funds to set up the “Distance Business Programme (D-Biz)” to support enterprises to continue business with technology adoption.
Arestós – A pioneer of remote operation.
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Arestós D-Biz
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Arestós distance business solutions provide all essentials of a winning D-Biz application and implementation. With Arestós, enterprises can seize this opportunity of digital transformation and revive business development during the epidemic.
Online Retail & E-commerce – Transform physical store to online store
Remote Document Management – Remote real time access and co-edit of shared text documents, spreadsheet, presentation files.
Remote Telephone System – Making use of advanced VOIP technologies, taking the company phone system to the internet, allowing employees to answer and make calls using company phone numbers.
Online ERP system – allows employees from different departments to interact within a single platform to get things done.
Online CRM system – allow sales and teams to collaborate online and close deals through an online customer relationship management system.
Online Financial Management – Allow financial teams to remotely take care of company financials, including billing, invoicing, and more.
Online HR and Attendance Management – Allow HR departments to remotely manage employees’ attendance and HR matters.
D-Biz application flow

Identify The IT Solutions

We will work together to find out the bespoke IT solutions that tackle your business challenges.

Application Preparation

Arestós will accompany you to prepare all needed documents for a winning application.

Submission & Approval

From 18 May, Hong Kong Productivity Council starts accepting applications and finishing approval within 10 working days.

Funding & Implementation

Upon approval, enterprises will be disbursed with a payment of 30% of the approved amount to begin implementation.

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