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首頁Digital Business Insights – Trends, Best Practices and Tips

How AI Chatbot becomes your sales’s saver amid COVID-19

There come innovative technology solutions like AI Chatbot as a saver with great benefits such as a diverse range of applications, cost-effectiveness, and ease, and quick implementation. Below are the key reasons why many business owners chose to adopt AI Chatbot to converse sales and fight this pandemic.

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5 actionable methods to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate

The fight to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate is one of the most frustrating challenges for any eCommerce and online retailer. The effort to get customers to complete their purchase is equal to attracting them to visit your online stores. Below are the 5 proven methods to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate which are chosen by eCommerce marketers and online sellers.

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eCommerce payment gateway: How to choose the right solution in Hong Kong

An easy, safe and quick eCommerce payment gateway is as important as other factors (such as UX/UI features) forming a good eCommerce website. Thus, it is essential to choose the right eCommerce payment gateway to cope up with the ever-changing trend and ensure a competitive customer experience for Hong Kong merchants.

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eCommerce integration: Top 5 must have integration to drive holiday sales 2021 in Hong Kong

ECommerce integration will be the solution to rocket your online sales in this upcoming holiday with its exceptional benefits from automating the processes, improving productivity to saving operation costs.

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Hong Kong eCommerce website: 6 mobile optimization tips to follow

Hong Kong Mobile eCommerce is growing significantly. According to J.P.Morgan Report, in 2020, mobile devices took the responsibility for 47% of eCommerce transactions. 49% of Hong Kong shoppers use mobile devices to access e-commerce. Needless to say, Hong Kong eCommerce and merchants need to offer both mobile and desktop sites. It is essential to adopt a mobile-first mindset when building an eCommerce website today.

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B2B eCommerce website: 5 techniques to optimize your site

B2B eCommerce website is becoming the preferred place for bulk buying. B2B customers today are choosing B2B eCommerce to directly buy the product and services they need. If you are a wholesaler or a manufacturer, it's time to adapt to stay competitive. It cost a lot to have a prospect to know about your name, visit your site to learn more, and maybe want to place a bulk order. Ensure that your B2B eCommerce website is optimized to foster engagement and attract them through streamlined and smooth experiences.

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eCommerce Landing Page Optimization: 6 Actionable Tips to Increase Conversion

According to research, nearly one-fourth of online customers begin their shopping journey on a product page, and 96% of visitors are indecisive about whether or not to buy after landing on a product page. ECommerce landing pages are designed to attract potential buyers, educate visitors about the product and brand, and ultimately sell the product. If properly designed, an eCommerce landing page can boost lead generation, conversion rate, and sales.

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UX strategy: 6 techniques to boost eCommerce sales

UX strategy is more than just good looks; it's a way to attract, engage, and retain customers. It affects not only design and branding but also the whole performance of your e-commerce marketing approach. We'll go through four of the most important UX techniques with actionable ideas, to assist you to create the UX strategy that satisfies your customers and drives sales.

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How to build a good web navigation to keep visitors stay

You invest a lot in SEO and SEM to draw people visit your site, remember to ensure your web navigation is optimized to keep them stay and explore more also. Accordingly, simple and fast navigation and low bounce rate are best friends ( almost siblings). 

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