Hong Kong eCommerce website on mobile devices is growing significantly. According to J.P.Morgan Report, in 2020, mobile devices took responsibility for 47% of eCommerce transactions. 49% of Hong Kong shoppers use mobile devices to access e-commerce.

Needless to say, Hong Kong eCommerce and merchants need to offer both mobile and desktop sites. It is essential to adopt a mobile-first mindset when building an eCommerce website today.

So, how to build a Hong Kong eCommerce website that offers a seamless experience on mobiles?

Here are the top 6 practical optimization tips to optimize your Hong Kong eCommerce website on mobiles:

  1. Create thumb-friendly design
  2. Allow simple swiping
  3. Offer simple and intuitive Navigation
  4. Utilize sticky CTA Button
  5. Employ smart search
  6. Ensure fast and easy checkout

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1. Create a thumb-friendly design

According to Steven Hoober, 49% of mobile users hold their phones by one hand. He also found out that thumbs drive 75% of all smartphone interactions.

What do these figures mean?

They mean it is vital to “think as a thumb, not a mouse” when optimizing your mobile eCommerce.

Although users can switch hands easily, there is a specific zone that thumbs can reach. It would help if you considered this factor when deciding where to place the buttons or features.

Moreover, thumbs cannot hover or right-click. They usually are larger and clumsier than mice. Ensure your mobile eCommerce has larger, clear, and tappable buttons.

Users also expect a visually interactive effect when the screen or buttons are tapped. This is a sign that their actions are recorded and being processed.

Thumb-friendly design for mobile eCommerce

Source: Bootcamp

2. Take advantage of touchscreen

Unlike desktop shoppers with their mouse and clicks only, mobile users have various gestures to navigate your eCommerce site. On a mobile eCommerce site, your customers expect that they can tap, swipe and pinch.

The common flow is that shoppers swipe the product images and tap to see the product information and options. They also will want to pinch to zoom product photos and details.

By including these features into your mobile eCommerce site, you likely can engage your customers better and increase the conversion.

Utilize the touchscreen- Arestós Mobile ECommerce

Source: Sleeknote

3. Offer simple and intuitive navigation

Smartphone screens are much smaller than desktop screens, and they are always in portrait orientation. Thus huge dropdowns and header menus aren’t feasible. Mobile navigation options should be in a minimum number, and most sites rely on the “hamburger” menu.

Mobile menus should be limited to four to eight items at the top level, and category titles should be as brief as feasible. List items in order of significance – popular product categories, new products, promotions, or offers – and keep multi-level navigation to a minimum (3 levels at most).

Moreover, according to research, icons and words can give more effective navigation than just icons or words alone. The incorporation can create intuitive navigation and give your users a better guide.

Mobile eCommerce Navigation

Source: Mockplus

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4. Utilize sticky CTA Button

People usually scroll down to the page’s bottom before making decisions. Thus, it is crucial to have CTA buttons visible and reachable without scrolling back to the top.

Making sure your buy button is always visible, no matter where your visitors are on the page, means you’re consistently urging them to do the desired action. This simple but powerful interface change can enhance your visitors’ likelihood to add an item to their carts as soon as they show even a passing interest.

And, because mobile browsers have a higher possibility of exiting at any time, a sticky call-to-action can mean the difference between a shopper who buys and one who bounces.

Sticky CTA Buttons - Arestós Mobile eCommerce

Source: Mizuno

5. Employ smart search

Mobile search is nothing like desktop search, and trying to cram all that data into a little screen would only frustrate your consumers.

The optimal mobile experience must be created with these considerations in mind because users are limited by a small screen and haptic search and filtering. A large, prominent search box, combined with relevant auto-complete and quick results return, can make a huge impact on a user’s purchasing and search experience.

Mango optimizes the search function for mobile users by allowing search by image. Photos on social networks or magazines influence fashion shoppers. Thus, with this feature, they can instantly find out the product that caught their eyes instantly. This is a clever and insightful idea to boost mobile user experience and increase conversion.

Search by photos - Arestós Mobile eCommerce

Source: Mango

6. Ensure fast and easy checkout

The rate of mobile shopping cart abandonment is likely the highest. Hidden charges and delivery fees, difficult checkout processes, site speed, returns policies, and a lack of payment choices are all reasons why online buyers abandon their carts. Among those, difficult checkout processes are the most common reason.

At the checkout, minimizing text input should be a top concern. Typing on a mobile device is slower than on a desktop, and therefore necessitates using an on-screen keyboard, which reduces the size of the viewable screen by half. Remove anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. So that visitors don’t have to scroll, break up digital forms into short pages with clear “next” buttons.

Decrease the number of pages or checkout stages – if possible, make it a single step. With a progress bar or step numbers, show how far you’ve progressed through the checkout process. Allow users to check out without having to sign up.

Allow customers to use digital wallets and saved payment alternatives.

Easy Mobile eCommerce Check Out

Source: Burton

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Conclusion: Let’s optimize your Hong Kong eCommerce site for mobile now!

It is no surprise that your Hong Kong eCommerce site on mobile needs more attention and investment. It definitely will be the key channel to drive your sales.

So, how does your eCommerce site perform on mobile devices?

We, Arestós, provide a complete eCommerce Development service. We can help you to review and optimize your eCommerce website performance or build a brand-new site to improve your user experience and boost sales. Contact us now to find the best solution for your eCommerce business.