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How AI Chatbot becomes your sales’s saver amid COVID-19

There come innovative technology solutions like AI Chatbot as a saver with great benefits such as a diverse range of applications, cost-effectiveness, and ease, and quick implementation. Below are the key reasons why many business owners chose to adopt AI Chatbot to converse sales and fight this pandemic.

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By Celine Nguyen

The impacts of the pandemic showing no sign to stop soon and puts businesses on the line. Innovative technologies like AI Chatbot are coming to the rescue the businesses in many different ways, especially sales to fight against this pandemic.

Besides the serious issues on people’s health, COVID-19 is growing immense impacts on all aspects of businesses worldwide. In the era that most of the global population is being isolated at home, sales which is the backbone of every business’s lives is put at risk. There come innovative technology solutions like AI Chatbot as a saver with great benefits such as a diverse range of applications, cost-effectiveness, and ease, and quick implementation. Below are the key reasons why many business owners chose to adopt AI Chatbot to converse sales and fight this pandemic.

1. AI Chatbot can define qualified leads

The critical issue of managing remote sales teams is keeping the process streamlined and reduce tedious tasks. With the assistance of chatbot, your remote sales staff will be provided only qualified leads with clear buying intentions. Chatbots can give accurate, personalized, and instant responses to common inquiries such as how customers find you, their locations, or their preferred price. Thereby, it can collect simultaneously collect data helping to spot out favorable leads that worths the human agent’s effort.

Moreover, bots can continuously search and delivers property information to customers. Instead of having human agents following every single lead to send them commonly required information about your products and services, bots can do that for you. Bots already can define which audience to target and qualify the prospects, based on demographics, interests, and other factors based on your reference. Then, they tag the chats of the promising leads with the sales department.

2. Improve data accessibility

Amid remote working, data access is one of the critical factors contributing to productive sales teams. At the home office, your sales staff may have limited resources to research and acquire extensive knowledge of your receptive markets and individual customer insights. Not mention about how time-consuming and costly this task can cause. To tackle this issue, chatbots are created to take action, simplifying this task for your sales team. Every chat log will pick up valuable data about customers’ interests, the questions they have, their pain points based on your setting preferences.

Moreover, bots can give tremendous assistance to your remote sales staff on data management. Accordingly, remote working can hinder sales member to manually process the information effectively to find out what customers want or need. The bot can help at mapping the data based on the changing organizational trends or defining shopper persona. Therefore, your sales team will have more chances to win more orders and contracts. And, your business can improve services, target products to their desired audience, and tailor special approaches.

3. Guarantee smooth customer service

The pandemic has interrupted severely the customer service department. This urge businesses to adopt new tools like AI Chatbot in order to ensure a seamless customer experience. Chatbots can make it easy for clients to spin up chat or voice-based agents. When users text or call in, they are free to speak in open-ended sentences. The system then uses natural-language processing to parse their “intent” and responds with the appropriate scripted answer or reroutes them to a human agent. For queries that bots can’t answer, the algorithms group similar ones together to show the most commonly missed intents.

The goal is to get as many queries as possible answered by virtual agents without human agents. It also reduces the need for expensive human agents. This can enhance customer satisfaction and brand love, thereby increase repeat purchases.

4. Revive abandoned carts by AI Chatbot

The chatbot can be your great sales assistant to raise shopping cart conversion by up to 30%. With bots operating 24/7/365, no sale is left behind. Every customer who gets to ‘add to cart’ ends up with a purchase. Once your customers put the first product into shopping carts, chatbots automatically start to follow to track their route. When a customer shows an intention to quit without completing the orders, bots activate cart reminders and send them incentive offers via messaging to lure the customer back to shopping.

Besides, bots also can send personalized messages to old customers based on their last purchase. Thus, bots can send suggestions about relevant products with attractive sales prices to urge them to purchase more. Moreover, they can also suggest alternative payment options if a cart is found to be abandoned due to payment failures.

5. Streamlined Follow-ups prospects

Timely and convincing follow-up with prospective customers is pivotal to the sales department. Every conversation with the prospects will end with a definitive follow-up point to move towards the next step. However, with remote working, your team may find it challenging to manage and keep tracking a large number of prospects. But with AI chatbots, you can ensure a systematized follow-up routine is in place.

Your sales staff will have an intelligent assistant. Bots can suggest to them when to make a follow-up call, smartly schedule meetings after recognizing the confirmations. Moreover, your staff will be reminded to send follow-up emails or alerted to update CRM records after an action is taken. Therefore, the bots can make sure your sales team can work productively and achieve sales goals regardless of wherever they work.


With the market dynamics changing in the face of the social quarantine, chatbots are growing in popularity as a lifesaver to businesses in many aspects, especially sales. Chatbots play an important role in your sales teams to remain their productivity and performance while working remotely.

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