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How will Business Digital Transformation be in 2021

Digital transformation was crucial to enabling remote working, transitioning to collaboration workflows, and to realigning operations from supply chain management through customer experiences.

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By Celine Nguyen

In the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation was no longer a surreal plan but a matter of survival. It was crucial to enable remote working, transitioning to collaboration workflows, and re-arranging the operations from supply chain management through customer experiences.

We will see this trend extend into 2021, but with a visible change: businesses will become more proactive with strategic digital transformation initiatives. Experts predict the three trends that to shape the business digital transformation journey in 2021

Trend 1: The digital culture 

Ensure a seamless digital experience across departments, from sales, accounting to project management. Consumers want consistent engagement with brands across their preferred channels. Seventy-three percent of shoppers use more than one channel during their shopping journey.

According to Deloitte, 75% of consumers expect consistent interactions across all departments of a company. 86% of consumers say they want the ability to move between channels when talking to a brand.

92% of customers are satisfied using live chat services — making it the support channel that leads to the highest customer satisfaction. And 78% of consumers use mobile devices to connect with brands for customer service — the number jumps to 90% of Millennials. Organizations need to invest in new digital methods and solid digital culture. It is thereby enhancing customer experience at any touchpoint.

Trend 2: Automation 

Automation is top of mind when speaking about digital transformation. According to Salesforce, over the next 12 months to 18 months, 81% of IT organizations will have more automatic tasks to enable team members to focus on innovation.

McKinsey highlights that 57% of organizations are at least piloting automation processes in one or more business units or functions.

Adopting automation is a necessary step towards successful digital transformation. The entire team’s productivity will improve by the new efficient process.

With the automatic processes, all the forms are digitized and organize. It turns the whole daily tasks routine into clicks. It also collects all data for instant reports and accurate decision-making.

Trend 3: Digital Sales Transformation

One of the key areas of Digital Transformation is to modernize the sales process. It ís feasible to say that businesses need to invest most in enhancing the sale efficiency with digital solutions.

In another word, technology has changed the way people sell products. It’s vital to equip your salespeople with the right digital tools to share their load and enhance their sales.

There are 6 factors of implementing the impdigital sales transformation:

  • The Digital Customer Buying Behavior is different from the Offline one: Define who your leads are and the journey they find you out on the digital universe.
  • Re-organize the sales resource: with the support of digital technology, you will need to re-arrange all the elements relating to sales such as products, staff, inventory, operations.
  • Automating Sales Process: With the help of software like CRM, Sales, you will need to prepare a smooth process from engaging leads, prospect to closing deals that can work by clicks.
  • Data-Driven Sales Transformation: Data is the foundation of Digital Sales Transformation. Nowadays, CRM software not only helps you to store customer contact but also organize and analyze them. You will have the information to define the right potential client or which client is worth your effort. Besides, all the data of sales will be tracked to be the base for the next sales forecasts.


Above are the key trends that will likely shape the business’s digital transformation in 2021.

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