When your main website is your online storefront for visits, an eCommerce landing page triggers conversion and sales boosts.

According to research, nearly one-fourth of online customers begin their shopping journey on a product page, and 96% of visitors are indecisive about whether or not to buy after landing on a product page. It’s not about product images or descriptions on a good eCommerce landing page; it’s about giving customers a memorable, hassle-free experience that inspires them to hit the buy now button.

ECommerce landing pages are designed to attract potential buyers, educate visitors about the product and brand, and ultimately sell the product. If properly designed, an eCommerce landing page can boost lead generation, conversion rate, and sales.

Here are some result-driven eCommerce landing page optimization tricks that will undoubtedly help you to exploit the most of eCommerce landing page’s benefits

6 actionable Ecommerce landing page optimization tips:

  • Remove Navigation elements
  • Give one single and simple offer
  • Set killing Call to Action
  • Create Effective design
  • Leverage social endorsements
  • Ensure a smooth Mobile UX
eCommerce landing page tips

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Remove Navigation elements

The ultimate objective of making a landing page for your eCommerce website is to streamline the purchasing process for your visitors. It can be challenging for eCommerce shoppers to stay focused only on your offer with navigation links to a homepage and product category pages.

They also will be confused if there are additional links or buttons. This will cause them to reconsider their purchasing decision.

Thus, treat your eCommerce landing page as a standalone page. Remove any navigable links that distract them from clicking to your CTA (purchasing, downloading, or sign up).

Give one single and simple offer

This is one of the most effective eCommerce landing page optimization hacks you should use to boost the conversions on your landing page. Don’t overwhelm visitors with options; this will confuse them. Providing too many options on your landing page will make it tough for a visitor to choose, and they will eventually bounce. Instead, concentrate on a single offer and clarify to your visitors what they can expect to see on your eCommerce landing page.

Giving visitors a single option makes it easier for them to make a purchase decision, which will increase your conversion rate. As a result, concentrate on offering visitors a single, viable answer to their concerns to encourage them to click a CTA button.

1 single and simple offer

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Set killing Call to Action

The single and simple offer works when it goes in pair with a persuasive and clear CTA.

According to a study conducted by Unbounce Marketing, landing pages with only one clear CTA has a 13,5% conversion rate, higher than those with two or four CTAs have only 11.9%. Meanwhile, the conversion rate of landing pages with five or more CTAs is 10.5%.

It is likely that the more CTAs, the fewer customers will convert.

Therefore, an optimized eCommerce landing page must give visitors one choice to free them from thinking and bouncing. Only one clear and killing CTA is powerful enough to lead visitors into the sales funnel without any distractions quickly.

Create Effective design

Impatient online shoppers like to skimming your landing pages’ copy and images. Thus, your landing page’s text and image elements must be organized in a logical layout to pamper visitors’ skimming habits. All the images always are high quality and authentic.

The CTA buttons must be in a highly contrasting color with the background to ensure they are obvious.

{Source: Larq)

Leverage social endorsements

According to a Nielson study, 70% of respondents prefer to read online user ratings to learn about a brand over reading sponsored material and other forms of advertising. Consumers today have more access to information; they value reviews and want to know what others say about the product they are considering purchasing.

Thus, including social proof on your eCommerce landing page is a clever method for encouraging potential customers to react and complete the intended action.

There are various forms of social endorsements you can adopt to optimize your eCommerce landing page:

  • User testimonials
  • Expert advice and reviews
  • Influencers’ sharings
  • Customer count
  • Certifications and trust badges

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Ensure a smooth Mobile UX

Mobile users play a major part in online sales. According to Google, 62 percent of online buyers will not consider your company in the future if they have a bad mobile experience.

Hence, it is vital to have your eCommerce landing page be responsive and function seamlessly on multiple screen sizes. Some points to note for the best eCommerce landing page for mobile users:

  • Write short and appealing copies
  • Put the CTA at the top
  • Employ single-column layout
  • Minimize the visuals
  • Create landing pages specific for mobiles if necessary
eCommerce landing pages for Mobile UX

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An eCommerce landing page is one of the most crucial factors of any eCommerce website. It takes an extensive role in boosting conversion rates and increasing sales.

Thus, ensure your landing pages are optimized with all the above result-drive tips to exploit their benefits.

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