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Educational App: Build the powerful app for your institutions

Many schools and colleges have to adapt their education programs to online learning systems to ensure that the study is not affected and their revenue. And, an educational mobile app is the popular star this time.

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By Celine Nguyen

The unprecedented pandemic has pushed the online education into the next level including the competition of educational apps.

In March, World Health Organization declared that COVID-19 is the global pandemic, education app downloads worldwide increased 90% compared to the weekly average of Q4 2019.

Many schools and colleges have to adapt their education programs to online learning systems to ensure that the study is not affected and their revenue. And, an educational mobile app is the popular star this time.

The advantages of educational apps

There are uncountable advantages of educational mobile apps for learners and school management. Accordingly, education apps improve education system, it will make easier for students to learn new things in shorter time.

1. Your students prefer apps

People like to spend their time on mobile. They are using apps for shopping, entertainments, etc. Apps mean fun and easy to them. Thus, using apps to deliver your lessons can seduce your students into their studying better.

2. Combine studying and playing

A good educational apps can transform boring lessons into intuitive and fun games with levels and challenges. Then, students won’t feel that they are studying but playing games and enjoy leveraging their knowledge.

3. Narrowing the Gaps

One of the significant issues of classroom-based education is the interaction between teachers and parents.

E-learning apps and websites can be built to fill the gap between students & teachers and parents & teachers. Students and parents will be informed instantly about any event or change in schedule or announcement.

4. Anytime and anywhere

School and special classes have time and location limits for study.

Now, with education apps, students can study anytime and anywhere. They can go to their favorite coffee shop with nice decoration that can inspire their studying.


Traditional learning methods generous a giant amount of wastes from papers, pencils, and pens.

Meanwhile, these learning apps allow students to obtain reference notes quickly by just downloading them. Learners can finish lessons by just using their mobile devices, no physical waste.

The essential features of a successful education app

Now, it’s time to think about how the educational app should be. Generally, the features you need will vary depends on the kind of app you’re building – for learning or teaching or your programs. However, here are 8 must-have features in any education app.

1. Login/ Signup

It’s better to offer various options and 1-click method to sign up. For example, an account can be created by email, phone number, or via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Don’t forget to add account verification and “Forget passwords” features.

2. User profile

Through these dashboards, users can check which courses they participate in and adjust to their schedules. Here, they also can add their account details like subject, age, education, etc.

3. Learning materials

First, learning materials must be proven scientifically. Depending on the educational app, it can vary from different types:

  • Video/ audio materials
  • Interactive exercises to test knowledge
  • Online courses

4. Push notifications

Push notifications are useful for user engagement. What should you notify about? It might depend – an opportunity to get a discount, new interesting features, any course updates, etc.

5. Social networks integration

Today it’s impossible to imagine a mobile app without the implementation of such a feature. In fact, it has several tasks, namely – to allow the user to share their achievement with friends.

6. Search functionality

In addition, the faster the user gets the desired result, the better the chances they keep your educational app. Students can find online courses they need or come back to completed soon. For teachers, they are able to adjust to the programs they teach.

7. Payments

When it comes to paying online, you have to keep security in check. Moreover, you should provide users a convenient payment method via credit cards, PayPal, Braintree, etc.

How to build an educational app?

For starters, the process of building an educational app demands a lot of planning and preparatory work including.

Market research

Now is the time to check the originality of your idea for an educational app. To avoid getting lost among competitors, you need to clarify the way to stand out among them. First, let’s look at your audience. Next, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What impacts of your business need to improve?
  • How can education app impact that problem?
  • How to increase overall client satisfaction?

Other key areas include your market and competitor research, timeline, budget and more.

Quality of the content

If users have to spend too many hours doing the task, they will get bored. So, using instructional videos is a notice-worthy suggestion to teach and keep the approach to the whole learning process. And, of course, don’t forget to reward the learner when they successfully completed the task.

Learning app can be implemented as exciting games. And if we’re talking about an educational app for kids, then this is especially necessary!

UI UX of the app

The first impression is very important. Students, teachers and schools will be going to download it only if the educational app must be simple, nice, and clear. And again, when it comes to children, the simplicity of design is primary. At the same time, the bright graphics and interesting sound should accommodate the needs of all customers.

Testing an educational app

When you have used cases and wireframe your app, it’s time to test your app’s flow and user experience. Testing will help you know which topics are weak and have to put more effort. You can also share your eLearning app with your colleagues to test the user’s journey, from opening the app to reaching the goal.

Are you ready to develop an educational app?

Education is already considered a profitable sector in the mobile market. It’s time to give it the appropriate investment and ensure the growth for your business during this hard time.

We understand that entering the world of mobile development can cause many hesitations. Building an app seems complex with many people.

At Arestós, we have top-tier developers and consultants who can walk you through the process of app development. We will work closely with you from designing UX/ UI to deployment. Let’s start to boost your online sales with mobile apps right now!

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