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Grocery App: The solution to innovate your business

Grocery apps are aimed at facilitating retailers to boost their business and increase revenue besides the eCommerce website in today’s mobile-driven world. From attracting more customers to enhancing services, the grocery app can help you achieve multiple business objectives

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By Celine Nguyen

Grocery App has been a trend that revolutionizes the grocery retailing market in recent years. However, during the recent outbreak, it became the saver of the lockdown world as it can help social distancing significantly.

Meanwhile, online shopping is booming; people are placing most of the orders on their phones. According to a recent study by the Mobile Tracker Apps, 59% of US adults prefer to shop using their mobile phones.

Thus, a full-features grocery app absolutely will be a promising solution for your business.

Benefits of Grocery Apps to your business

1. Shopping Grocery Faster and Easier

In this busy time, people prefer shopping for essential products faster and easier. Mobile apps make grocery shopping more convenient. Whenever customers need something, they can open the app and place an order in seconds and find the product on their doorstep on the next day.

No more long list items, hours of searching products between the shelves, and endless waiting lines. Due to its convenience,

2. Encourage consumers to buy more

Grocery apps allow customers to search for products and recommend relevant items to increase the size of the shopping cart. Thus the chance to attract customers to return and buy more is huge with Grocery Apps.

Researchers from Mays Business School find out that retail app users shop 33% more frequently and spend 37 % more than their non-app-using peers.

3. Get closer to your customers

You can maybe watch how people react to your merchandise in physical stores and how angry they are with the long waiting lines. Yet, your understanding of customers would be general and uncertain.

Meanwhile, with retail apps. You can have your customers’ feedback, rating, and reviews in no time.

4. Engage your customer better

Your customers’ shopping behavior is tracked and will be a useful resource for your marketing activities. Your promotions or sales can reach customers’ attention instantly.

Mobile shoppers also want to buy more when your apps offer loyalty rewards programs, product information, and notifications.

5. Resource for data analytics

Your user’s data on your apps will be a valuable resource for decision-making in many aspects of your business. With just a few clicks, you can have real-time reports of the preferable products, what items should not be stocking anymore.  In return, these data can also help you improve your physical store, from organizing shelves to inventory management.

Must-have features of a successful Grocery App

You may get lost with a mountain of features for your app. However, some key features can be the direction to make a user-friendly and addictive retail app for your business.

1. One-tap registration

Always ensure that it takes no time for your customers to start shopping on your app. A popular and convenient solution for fast registration is connecting with social accounts. There are many benefits once your app allows register by social accounts, which we will discuss in the next features.

2. Smart search

Your app should be shopping assistance to your customer by helping them find out what they want exactly and quickly. The search feature should be able to give smart and insightful recommendations and results.

3. Deals and Offers

All shoppers like deals; grocery shoppers can like them a little bit more. Pamper your customers with the best deals and offers updates. Make sure that your customers won’t miss any attractive deals while using your app.

4. Push Notifications

This is one of the most powerful features to draw customers back to your app. You can use Push notifications for various objectives effectively. As a marketing tool, it helps you keep your customers updated. Notifications can also keep the app users engaged by providing them personalized messages and offers.

5. Analytics Integration

Data is a new treasure. The customer’s searching and buying behavior can show the direction to the marketing campaigns. Analytics can gather useful data and enable retailers to send real-time notifications.

6. Loyalty Program

This is one of the most necessary features to attract and retain customers. The app users can get rewarded for referrals and purchases. They can readily check and redeem their points through a retail business app on the move. When you hire retail app developers, they can integrate a loyalty program as per your business requirements.

7. Filters and Categories

This feature enables app users to filter unnecessary products out to check the desired products. In other words, filters can enable app users to find the products they wish to check. Also, the categorization of products can help customers to select specific products from a huge collection.

8. Mobile Wallet

In the current age of mCommerce, mobile wallet integration is the most useful feature to attract customers. The mobile wallet is a swift and secure way of mobile transaction. The retail mobile app development company can also integrate payment gateways to enable you to offer the facility of using credit and debit cards as well as net banking to your customers.

Wrapping Up

Grocery apps are aimed at facilitating retailers to boost their business and increase revenue besides the eCommerce website in today’s mobile-driven world. From attracting more customers to enhancing services, the grocery app can help you achieve multiple business objectives

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