Improving the web design to catch-up with the festive vibe and enhance the shopping experience is one of the keys to flourishing your online sales this time.

2020 is a historical year of many businesses which suffered inordinate losses, but not with eCommerce businesses. Yet, online retailers still undergo victorious growth during this situation.

According to Statista, the global traffic to online retailing platforms has witnessed an unprecedented increase between January 2019 and June 2020, surpassing even holiday season traffic peaks. Overall, retail websites generated almost 22 billion visits in June 2020, up from 16.07 billion global visits in January 2020.

Undoubtedly, the upcoming festival season is even generating more opportunities for online retailing despite the worldwide lockdown.

Improving the designs of e-Commerce sites to catch-up with the vibe of holiday seasons and enhance the shopping experience is one of the keys to flourishing your online sales this time.

Below are the 5 actionable tips of web design for your e-Commerce site in this festive season.

1. Adding Festive Decoration

Of course, this is the very first thing to do. With a rightful and effective festive design, you can see a rise in engagement and conversion.

Adding festive decoration for your eCommerce site is far more than having your logo wearing a Santa’s hat. There are many areas to consider, such as carousels, sales features, background images, or videos.

Based on the products and your sales plan, you can decide how much festive design you want to add to your web.

If you sell products that relate directly to festival consumption and have plans for attractive promotions, you would obviously want to engage your visitors with the Christmas spirit via every corner of your site.

Ensure your site has an outstanding and eye-catching promotion section on your homepage with links to microsites full of festive designs and irresistible sales.

Even if your products don’t associate with a Christmas vibe, there are still many rooms for creativity in taking this occasion to enhance your brand love.

2. Specific landing pages for the tailored shopping experience

Shopping behavior in festival seasons are quite different from it is in the rest of the year. People need to buy much a lot more with less time to research and consider. Moreover, a big part of shopping purpose is for gifting.

Ultimately, the whole shopping activity will be entirely online this year.

These are the reasons why a specific landing page can be a profitable idea for your eCommerce business this festive season, instead of just rebuilding your homepage.

With this landing page, you have no limits in showing the products and festive promotions to cope with your customers’ shopping behavior.

Furthermore, this landing page is proved to decrease the bounce rate, improve engagement, and maximize sales. Besides, it can also help optimize SEO, thereby increasing your competitiveness on the search ranking.


3. Optimize your site for mobile

According to the latest PYMNTS’ 2020 Remote Payments Study, mobile devices are the most popular device for online shopping by a wide margin. 72% of consumers are using mobile devices to shop in stores. This number can be soaring in the holiday season.

If you don’t have an eCommerce app for mobile devices yet, ensure that you have a strong responsive site.

Arestos web design tips holiday season

Mobile shoppers are even lazier than desktop ones. They expect a scannable product page, quick check out with very few queries.

Make sure your customers can complete their order in a very few taps.

4. Spice up your calls to actions

This small button matters. And at this competitive time, your call to actions (CTAs) deserves a lot more attention than they ever seem to get. Don’t just stay with “Contact us” “Message us”, you have many more creative and effective options to try.

Below are some ideas for you:

  • Create the urgencies
  • Be specific and clear with CTA copy
  • Tailor your CTA for each segment if possible
  • Emphasize the importance
  • Make sure the background color is contrasting.

You can find many examples for your reference such as one day only, exclusive discounts, holiday discounts are amongst the most popular deals.

Effective eCommerce Call-to-actions for the Holiday Season

5. Strong holiday content

This is a critical part of your holiday plan. Your web design can be completed without appealing copies that are relevant to the holiday vibe.

You can start with creating a content theme that can apply to all the Marketing channels, including website, social, and email marketing, to ensure consistency.

The content plan should be organized in a calendar. You may want to keep the calendar tight to ensure that your customers won’t miss your attractive sales.

Notably, don’t aim for glamorous and complicated content. As your customer will also receive a mountain of advertisements, keep your message short and simple. Put the focus on how much your customer will save if they buy the products from you.

Personalized content is great. However, you have limited time, you will want your content to target segments instead of individuals.

Holiday Marketing Tips Before Christmas


The holiday season is crucial for every business, especially eCommerce ones. The holidays are right around the corner: Now is the time to plan, prepare, and succeed. Our small holiday website design tips provide you with a step-by-step guide to do so.

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