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Stunning WordPress web page design examples to inspire yours

Looking for a web page design ideas? When creating or redesigning a website, you may require a little jolt to get things moving. There are brilliant examples out there that can show you how to make WordPress beautiful no matter what type of website you're working on!

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By Thanh Huyen

Looking for a web page design ideas? When creating or redesigning a website, you may require a little jolt to get things moving. There are brilliant examples out there that can show you how to make WordPress beautiful no matter what type of website you’re working on!

What makes a web page design inspiring?

Inspiring website design does not appear out of nowhere, and good web design is not created by virtuoso designers — good design requires know-how, patience, and hard work. So, what are the requirements for creating a well-designed website? To begin, you should be familiar with design principles, color theory, and basic visual art concepts, but inspiring examples of well-designed websites can also help.

  • Understand the purpose of your website: Before diving into inspiration sources, it’s critical to understand the purpose of your website. Do you want the user to make a purchase? Do you need your help? Take information away? Who will access your website? What is their level of proficiency with computers or other devices? What is the overarching goal of your company’s website?
  • Research your competitors: Understanding what your competitors are doing can help you determine how to make yours different or similar.
  • Search on social media and the internet: Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr can all provide beautiful images to inspire your website’s creative side.
  • View website and design portfolios and galleries: Behance and Arestos are two websites where you can view web and graphic designers’ online design portfolios.

Inspiring WordPress website designs

Interactive WordPress websites

Incorporating interactive, fun elements to your WordPress website is the best way to increase conversions and decrease bounce rate. Are you ready to start exploring these fascinating websites?

Cultivated Wit

While this site appears to be another stunning agency site, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the whimsical details thrown into the interactive elements, such as the “Whiskey Friday” callout.

We Virtually Are

Herdl’s We Virtually Are takes intentionality to a new level. If you want to really engage with their fluid site, make sure to scroll in the right direction and take in all of their moving content.

Drip Pop

With these bright and beautiful designs, this “sweet” WordPress site will have your mouth watering for more. Drip pop has a fun and delightful website that matches their delectable-looking products.

Drip Pop is Interactive WordPress website

eCommerce WordPress websites

There are numerous best practices for building an ecommerce site on WordPress, but these examples take it to the next level by incorporating a beautiful user experience and design into their sites:

Joco Cups

JOCO Cups demonstrates that ecommerce WordPress sites do not have to resemble clunky department store websites. This clean and modern design reflects the new look of their products — an excellent example of consistent branding and a well-designed website!

a web page design inspiring is Joco cups

a web page design inspiring is Joco cups


With vintage pieces and a matching style, this European fashion ecommerce site adds fun features to their design. Their ecommerce site is user-friendly thanks to the use of WooCommerce and other fantastic plugins.

Over Clothing

With a dynamic home page and minimalist design on their product pages, you’d think this Over Clothing site is an agency or portfolio site with a quick glance. You might also want to pick up some swag from their clothing designed by designers for designers.

Inspiring WordPress blogs

WordPress has long been known as a great CMS for bloggers, and these fantastic sites agree. They not only have great content, but they also have a beautiful design. You might discover a new favorite blog to follow as well!


It stands to reason that our design and WordPress blog would be built on WordPress. It is much easier to manage content, collaborate with our teams, and integrate other resources when we use WordPress. How’s that for a creative website design?

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is an excellent example of how simplicity can benefit your blog. This blog has such a simple idea: to spark conversations about global fashion, and WordPress helps it do so beautifully and easily.

The TED Blog

If you’ve ever been inspired by a TEDTalk, you’re sure to gain some knowledge from their blog! They cover a wide range of topics, from internal company information to pop culture to motivational interviews.

WordPress business websites

For businesses, managing your website through a content management system is extremely simple, which is likely why so many choose WordPress. It’s an excellent way to empower non-technical members of your team to make changes and complete tasks.


Time is one of the world’s largest news and entertainment companies, and they do most of their business online (as well as in print) to keep up with the digital age. With so much content being created on a daily basis, it only makes sense to have a content management system. Furthermore, their website is visually appealing — they’re an excellent place to begin your search for web design inspiration.


This German marketing firm uses images, projects, and creative assets to bring a traditionally styled WordPress site to life. It exemplifies how much your work can sell and make your website stand out.

Pen & Quill

The Pen & Quill restaurant is another unconventional business location. With a dynamic scrolling menu, their WordPress site showcases their delectable food and leaves you wanting more.

Pen & Quill a WordPress business websites

High-traffic and famous WordPress websites

A dependable platform and host are required to keep a high-traffic site up and running. These sites have it all figured out and understand that WordPress is a great solution for handling high traffic.

The Walt Disney Company

Everyone knows and loves Disney, so they created a dependable yet whimsical website for such a dynamic and well-known brand. With its simple, informative design, this site strikes a delicate balance between business and brand.

a web page design is Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is another excellent business website. As a well-known global vehicle brand, their website is adaptable in order to serve a diverse range of customers looking for vehicles ranging from small two-doors to tour buses.

The Guggenheim

The website’s expectations for a modern art museum are perhaps a little higher, but the Guggenheim does not disappoint. The WordPress site is as clean and modern as the museum.


You should be inspired to redesign or create your own site now that you’ve seen how people and businesses of all types are expressing their creativity with WordPress. I hope the Arestos article helped you know more Stunning WordPress a web page design examples to inspire yours. Thank you for following our article.!

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