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eCommerce Development: 5 Trends to watch in 2022 (Updated)

eCommerce is an ever-changing industry in which it's vital for businesses to stay on top of the trends. Otherwise, they can be left behind. Below are the 5 eCommerce Development trends that are expected to emerge and shape the eCommerce market in 2022.

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By Celine Nguyen

The eCommerce development market is ever-changing with many trends. Tt’s vital for businesses to stay on top of the trends, otherwise, they can be left behind.

Especially, after the unprecedented pandemic, eCommerce sales are boosted dramatically. Many consumers are forced to stay at home and shifted their shopping online. The changes in shopping habits have led to many eCommerce trends that businesses need to catch up with.

Below are the 5 eCommerce Development trends that are expected to emerge and shape the eCommerce market in 2022.

1. Voice Commerce is raising

Along with the increasing usage of smart speakers worldwide, According to Global Market Insights, global smart speaker sales will surpass $30 billion by 2024. This number means that this will be the potential platform dominate the eCommerce market. Buying products have never been much simpler without any taps.

So you may need to consider voice commerce in your eCommerce website development strategy to get greater ROI.

Here are some ways to prepare your eCommerce site for voice search:

  • Adopt new skills to Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa.
  • Optimize content to be compatible in voice queries.
  • Develop a simple shopping flow through voice search.

2. AR/VR to enhance customer experience

Today, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies are becoming familiar to most people. The evolution of both these technologies has impacted many industries. And, AR/VR technology is also a boon for the eCommerce industry.

One downside of online shopping is the inability to see products. AR and VR technologies are the solution for this issue. Shoppers can use AR to visualize products in the real world that allows them to get an exact evaluation of whether a product meets their demands. On the other hand, VR can provide users a trip to the virtual world with dynamic virtual experiences. online stores can use VR to offer an in-store experience and provide greater details of their service.

The use of AR/VR is forecasted to be a remarkable trend for eCommerce in 2022. Let’s impress your customer with some AR/VR experience on your online store.

3. AI in eCommerce development

The popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in eCommerce is undeniable. Moreover, this technology will support you along with the evolution of better algorithms. You can see the rise of AI ubiquitously in the eCommerce industry in 2022

With the help of AI, your eCommerce websites can generate smarter product recommendations. By this way, your eCommerce web can bring a better and personalized customer experience.

Also, AI will help you to find out and analyze trends along with sales channels and buyer behavior. Based on this analytics, you can find out the best time, price, and place to list their products.

4. Mobile Shopping is heating up

No surprise, the days of mobile screens are coming. People are now feeling comfortable shopping online via mobile devices. The number of online orders via mobile device users has increased sharply in the past few years. It is vital for a business to adopt mobile optimization when it comes to eCommerce web development.

You will have 2 main options with mobile optimization for your eCommerce business. Obviously, your website needs to be friendly for both desktop and mobile screens. However, this year, it is necessary to consider a mobile app for a better mobile shopping experience.

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5. Chatbot improves the experiences

One of the most popular applications of AI in eCommerce is the cheery chatbots. It can serve the role of the most dedicated salesperson. Moreover, chatbots allow online stores to offer 24/7 support to thousands of customers. Especially, it can ensure personal attention and thoughtful recommendations in their responses.

And in fact, 60% of shoppers are satisfied when they could receive instant supports from chatbots for their issues. It’s time to facilitate your eCommerce web with Chatbots to share the load for your client support team.

Wrapping up

It’s a non-stop competition that is catching up with new trends. You can consult the eCommerce development company to choose the best solution that fits your business most.

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