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5 Reasons why you should use WooCommerce for your eCommerce web

WooCommerce is well-know of over 2000 ready-to-use beautiful themes. Moreover, they’re highly customizable that you can do it yourself if you’re short on time.

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By Celine Nguyen

According to Built With reports, over 26% of all the best-selling online stores around the world are powered by WooCommerce in 2020, The report also stated that there is a total of 3,876,748 websites use WooCommerce and 82,477,514 of new plugin updates as well as new installs.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that helps you sell products and services from your WordPress site. It also provides additional features available as extensions.

You can sell anything with WooCommerce from products and services. And it requires no coding skills to set up, very affordable and accessible.WooCommerce has everything you need to sell digital and physical products, manage inventory and shipments, ensure secure payments, and arrange taxes automatically.

You hold total control over all your data. Moreover, you will get support to reach mobile shoppers. You are unlimited to scale your sites along with the growth of your business.

Below are the reasons why WooCommerce is popular and it should be the platform for your eCommerce website.

1. A wealth of powerful eCommerce functions

WooCommerce provides a rich resource of features that ensure engaging experience and drive sales.

Some of the features offered by WooCommerce are listed below:

  • User reviews, usage limits, and discount options are integrated.
  • Cross-sell, promote, or upsell.
  • Visual, accurate, and timely reports include general performance, reviews, incoming sales and inventory levels.
  • Tax settings, with free or flat-rate shipping, spanning across different tax rates.
  • Product variation – useful to sell both physical and downloadable products.
  • Multiple payment gateways, such as BACS, PayPal, and even cash on delivery.

You can install WooCommerce yourself with basic features. However, you may need a WooCommercer expert to help you with plugins that bring advanced features.

2. Friendly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO plays a vital role in building all websites, including eCommerce sites. Better SEO means better sales.

WooCommerce is built on WordPress with powerful SEO plugins that can give you the bigger SEO boost. According to SEO experts, WordPress can be considered as one of the most powerful platforms for SEO.

Thus, setting up your site on WooCommerceIf can get your site up the web instantly. You can find features built-in that help to optimize product pages for the search engine, add meta tags, and modify and update content.

Moreover, WordPress is a blogging platform primarily with SEO content management features. Thus, you can do more than creating just an online store. You can create a website and integrate it with a blog to build trust and love for your brand.

3. Scalable WooCommerce solutions

When you are new with selling online, you may start with a basic WooCommerce solution that provides all free features. However, when you get more customers and are urged to expand to ensure a smooth shopping experience, you can find more advanced features that need to purchase. And some of the add-on features that you can find to keep developing your site are:

You may need to consult professional WooCommerce development companies about what features to add on and they will also help you with the technical development.

4. Ideal with starters having a low budget

WooCommerce charges you nothing for initial set up. Besides, there are many free plugin and theme for you to customize and develop your site.

Beides fuctional eCommerce features, the free plugins can allows you to enhance customer experience, such as:

  • Hover to enlarge pop-up product images
  • Set price based on user role, add currencies and exchange rates
  • Customize checkout fields, create special coupons
  • Custom payment gateways
  • Add wishlist and share into social medias

You will have to pay for a domain name and a hosting plan at this stage. The costs will vary based on the hosting plan you choose.

Beside, you also need the SSL certificate to secure your website, and it will comes at a price.

5. Unlimited Personalization

WooCommerce is well-know of over 2000 ready-to-use beautiful theme. Moreover,  they’re highly customizable that you can do it yourself if you’re short on time.

In compare with other platform like Wix or DreamWeaver, WooCommerce allows developers more room to customize and create design that stands for your brand.

You may need a WooCommerce developement company to help you with this kind of customization if you need to spend your time on other areas of your business.

Need help from a WooCommerce Consultant?

Above are just 5 of the myriad reasons why you should choose WooCommerce to start selling online.

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