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Essential WooCommerce Shop Shortcodes to Enhance Your Product Pages

Creating an engaging and conversion-focused WooCommerce shop page can be a challenging task for store owners. Fortunately, the platform provides a powerful set of shortcodes that allow you to easily customize the appearance and functionality of your product pages. By leveraging these essential WooCommerce shop shortcodes, you can transform your store's shopping experience and drive more sales.

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By Thanh Huyen

Creating an engaging and conversion-focused WooCommerce shop page can be a challenge, but the platform’s robust WooCommerce Shop Shortcodes offer a transformative solution. These powerful tools equip store owners with the ability to customize their product pages, transforming them into captivating shopping experiences that drive sales.

In this guide, we’ll explore the essential WooCommerce shop shortcodes that savvy store owners are leveraging to elevate their online businesses. From displaying featured products in visually striking grids to strategically placing “Add to Cart” buttons, these versatile shortcodes give you the power to optimize your shop page and provide your customers with an exceptional shopping journey.

Foundational WooCommerce Shop Shortcodes 

At the heart of any WooCommerce shop page are the products themselves. The [products] shortcode is your gateway to showcasing these products in a visually appealing and customizable manner. With this versatile shortcode, you can display featured products, on-sale items, or even products from specific categories and tags.

For example, the following code will create a grid of your 8 newest products:

[products limit=”8″ columns=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

You can further enhance the layout and styling of the product grid by adding additional attributes, such as `product_rows`, `product_columns`, and `product_class`. This allows you to create a shop page that perfectly aligns with your brand’s aesthetic.

Another essential WooCommerce shop shortcode is [product_categories]. This powerful tool enables you to display your product categories in a variety of ways, making it easy for customers to navigate and filter your offerings. You can showcase category images, descriptions, and even the number of products in each category.

[product_categories number=”6″ columns=”3″ hide_empty=”0″]

By strategically placing the [product_categories] shortcode, you can guide your customers through your shop, ultimately leading them to the products they’re most interested in.

Conversion-Boosting Shortcodes

Beyond just showcasing your products, you’ll want to optimize your shop page for increased conversions. Two must-use shortcodes for this purpose are [add_to_cart] and [product_search].

The [add_to_cart] shortcode allows you to place “Add to Cart” buttons in strategic locations throughout your shop page. This gives customers easy access to add products to their carts, reducing the number of steps in the purchasing process. You can customize the button’s text, style, and even the specific products it corresponds to.

[add_to_cart id=”123″ style=”border:1px solid #ccc;padding:10px;”]

Complement this with the [product_search] shortcode, which embeds a search functionality directly on your shop page. This enhances the customer experience by enabling them to quickly find the products they’re looking for, ultimately leading to more conversions.

[product_search placeholder=”Search our products…” button_text=”Go”]

By strategically placing these conversion-focused shortcodes, you can guide your customers through the buying process, making it easier for them to discover, select, and purchase the products they desire.

Enhancing User Experience with WooCommerce Shop Shortcodes

Beyond the foundational and conversion-boosting shortcodes, WooCommerce also provides a wealth of options to create a truly exceptional user experience on your shop page. One such shortcode is [product_tag], which allows you to highlight products by specific tags.

[product_tag tag=”summer-collection” columns=”3″]

This can be particularly effective for showcasing seasonal collections, featured products, or even items that are part of a broader promotional campaign. By creating visually appealing tag-based product sections, you can capture your customers’ attention and guide them towards the products that are most relevant to their interests.

To take your shop page design to the next level, you can combine multiple WooCommerce shortcodes to create complex and engaging layouts. For example, you might use the [products] shortcode to display a grid of featured products, and then supplement it with the [product_categories] shortcode to allow customers to filter the selection by category.

[products limit=”8″ columns=”4″]

[product_categories number=”6″ columns=”3″ hide_empty=”0″]

By experimenting with different shortcode combinations, you can craft a shop page that perfectly reflects your brand’s unique style and provides an immersive shopping experience for your customers.

Best Practices and Optimization

As you begin to leverage these powerful WooCommerce shop shortcodes, it’s important to keep a few best practices in mind. First and foremost, ensure that you’re optimizing your shortcodes for performance. This means minimizing the impact on your page load times and verifying compatibility with any other plugins or extensions you’re using.

Additionally, pay close attention to where you place your shortcodes on the shop page. Strategic placement can have a significant impact on user experience and conversion rates. For example, you might want to position the [add_to_cart] shortcode near the top of the page, where it’s easily accessible, or the [product_search] shortcode in a prominent header or sidebar location.

Remember, the goal is to create a shop page that not only looks visually appealing but also guides your customers seamlessly through the buying process. By thoughtfully implementing these WooCommerce shop shortcodes, you can showcase your products in the most compelling way, driving increased engagement and sales.


WooCommerce’s robust set of shop-specific shortcodes provides store owners with a powerful toolbox to enhance their product pages. From displaying products in creative grids to adding strategic “Add to Cart” buttons, these essential shortcodes can help you transform your online store and deliver an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.

If you have any questions or need further assistance in leveraging these WooCommerce shop shortcodes, the experts at Arestós are here to help. Their team of WooCommerce specialists can provide personalized guidance and support to ensure you get the most out of these powerful features. By partnering with Arestós, you can unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce shop and take your online business to new heights.

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