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Real estate CRM: Choose the right solution for your agents

Real estate CRM is becoming an effective assistant for any realtor in this industry. A CRM tool helps manage the interactions with leads, prospects, and existing customers. It keeps tracking all the data about customers on file (buying history, communication, email trails). Thus, your real estate business can improve customer retention and, hopefully, build their bottom line.

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By Celine Nguyen

Real estate CRM is becoming a helpful assistant for realtors in this industry. A CRM tool helps manage the interactions with leads, prospects, and existing customers. It keeps tracking all the data about customers on file (purchase history, email trails, papers). Thus, the right CRM solution can improve help you improve customer retention and, hopefully, build their bottom line.

According to Software Advice, in 2018, 45% of buyers of CRM software are in either the real estate, consulting, or insurance markets. Among these industries, real estate held the largest percentage — 21%. Certainly, CRM software is considered the life-saver of real estate realtors.

How real estate CRM benefits businesses?

In fact, realtors deal with a lot of issues in their daily workload. From find prospects, schedule house tours, and paperwork when a property closes. How stressful it is if they have to manage this huge workload manually with Excel files.

That’s the room for CRM. It allows real estate realtors to:

  • Organize and streamline the sales processes
  • Create and automate promotional campaigns to attract high-quality leads
  • Automatically segment leads and show you the priorities
  • Improve task management and collaboration across your sales team

Moreover, according to a recent study, Real estate sales professionals declared that they were 26.2% more productive when using a CRM.

So, how a helpful real estate CRM should be? Below are the 8 must-have features in any successful CRM for real estate businesses.

8 Features that a robust CRM for real estate needs to have

1. Contact Management And Segmentation

Primarily, CRM is the list of contacts. Nowadays, it needs to do more than that. A good CRM can allow automatic lead segmentation. For example, you can create different groups based on conditions. Then, you can organize the leads into the appropriate groups.

Thus, it’s much easier and saves more time when trying to approach and follow up leads.

2. Automatic reminds 

Real estate agents always have to deal with tight schedules with meetings, emails, calls, etc. Meanwhile prompt and regular contacting to nurture strong relationships with customers. Thus, you can use CRM as your secretary to ensure no potential lead is lost.

Your CRM should remind you if you’ve lost touch with a lead. It also supports automated follow-ups through text or call.

3. Attract leads and capture from websites

In this digital era, most leads come from online forms. You can use CRM options to customize your form’s layout, design, and color scheme. You can create the visual and functional forms to embed into your landing pages.

The real magic happens once they hit submit button. Their entered information is automatically organized onto your CRM system. Once your CRM acquires these new leads, you can even automatically assign them to an agent so they can be engaged without any delays.

4. Score leads for identifying high-value prospects

To help you better understand the value of your leads, your CRM should provide you some means of defining rules for scoring them based on their behavior and interactions with your brand. These could include different actions such as clicking on a link in your email, watching a video you shared with them, or merely visiting the about us section of your real estate website.

Actions like the ones above are good indicators of how interested these individuals are in your services and how likely they are to convert if you reach out to them. By assigning these actions a score in your CRM, you’re able to prioritize high-value leads and do away with ones that’ll likely turn you down. Lead scoring also helps you spot leads that are dropping in value over time so you can take action to address them promptly.

6. Email Management

Email remains the preferred means of communication for most realtors. It’s reasonably hassle-free, not as intrusive as phone calls, and can provide some very insightful metrics about your recipients. Therefore, a robust email management feature is a must-have for your CRM.

You should be able to choose from existing templates or create your own, set up drip email campaigns, and send targeted content and newsletters to various groups of interest (i.e., leads, clients, agents, etc.). You should be able to configure automated email responses and leverage email tracking to see exactly how your recipients engage with your content.

7. Real-time report in seconds

Realtors have KPIs. They must know how well they’re performing, and which areas need the most work.

That’s why CRMs are the ideal solutions that allow quick and accurate reporting in seconds. A real estate CRM will give room for realtors to play and master key metrics such as conversion rate, sales. The reports will be intuitive to show a clearer picture of your current customers, their payment status, and where you need to be hitting your revenue targets.

8. Automate the workflow

Realtors not only deal with finding customers but also paperwork and payment processes after closing a deal. These tasks are considered time-consuming and stressful. CRM can do these tasks for you.

For example, Arestós Odoo CRM can allow creating professional contracts with a few clicks. Moreover, you can generate invoices from confirmed contacts with a single click.


CRM for the real estate business is the key to ensure competitiveness and growth. With CRM, you can have a full picture of your customers to understand them better and increase efficiency in building relationships with your customers. Moreover, it can increase your realtors’ productivity and boost sales.

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