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How technology helps a smooth transition to remote work?

Remote work is skyrocketing and mandatory during this critical time. And a few months, the model of working from home receives a lot of positive responses than expected.

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By Celine Nguyen

Remote work is skyrocketing and mandatory during this critical time. And a few months, the model of working from home receives a lot of positive responses than expected. A survey conducted by IBM found that 54% of employees would prefer to remain working at home after the pandemic. And, many studies have shown that those who work from home full-time reported being happy in their job 22% more than their counterparts who spent no time working from home.

However, we know that many businesses are dipping their toes in the water of remote working with many concerns in mind. For many organizations, this is a shift in gears for which they are not prepared. When they do it right, it can boost their productivity, creativity, and morale; while they do it wrong, it can breed inefficiency, damage work relationships, and demotivate employees. 

Among many factors affecting building a tele-workforce, technology is becoming the prominent one. It is the key to successfully organizing a remote team. With the support of the right technology solutions, companies eventually can reach full potential no matter where their employees work. Let’s check how technology can help companies with this transition and fight the pandemic.

Enhance communication for remote work

Without a doubt, communication is among the most important aspects to consider while working remotely. Thus, it is essential to use robust communication channels to ensure superior coordination among teams. With the right solution, team communication is no more a weakness of remote working.

For example,  within Arestós Odoo, all employees can work together in sales, projects, accounting, and more within a single platform to keep everyone on the same page. All communication channels such as emails, chat should be integrated into one place to ensure no information is missed.

The in-built chat application will lubricate discussions among teams and departments. Thus, employees still feel they are inclusive, not being isolated at home. All tasks, such as chatting, managing projects, sharing documents, scheduling activities, can be completed within clicks at any time from anywhere. All our local and remote employees are provided with the right platforms and tools that allow effective communication and collaboration.

Frequent Productivity Assessment

One of the key challenges of teleworking is tracking employees’ productivity. Although there are many reports that prove that working at home can help employees work better, business owners may feel insecure than seeing their staff actually work at the offices. Besides, remote employees also have concerns if their managers recognize their works.

That’s why a system ensuring frequent and clear productivity assessment is essential. With proper solutions, we could measure time and budget to complete tasks, track the project progress, and team/ individual achievements.  As a result, managers could access employees’ performance and produce accurate evaluations at any time. Thus, companies can engage and motivate employees better by accurately assess their works.

For instance, ArsestósOdoo helps you keep tracking your workforce performance, monitoring your workloads, and managing your projects with better time management. 

Digitizing Operation Process for remote work

Remote work requires remote operations. That means your sales team need to manage and maintain new and existing clients – you guessed it, remote. Your accountants have to handle bills, invoices, and other financial tasks from home. And, your HR officers will need to solve their recruitment totally online.

Thus, it is essential to automate and digitize the operations, which allow all employees, local and remote, to have access to all essential operational data. With the help of Arestós Odoo CRM, the sales team could systematically take care of every lead that our marketing team generated.  They can monitor sales performance and then make appropriate adjustments to marketing plans and campaigns.

In the HR team, a robust IT solution can help centralize HR data and workflow.  It allows your HR officers to handle all recruitment pipelines quickly, regardless of geographical boundaries. Moreover, it will enable us to manage all the HR information in one place magically. 

Moreover, with IT solutions like Arestós Odoo Accounting, you can streamline and bring the financial process online. Turn all accounting tasks into clicks with bank synchronization, easy reconciliation, and bills & expenses management.

Secured Data Access & Data Reliability

Securing all company and operational data transmitted across the internet is crucial. You always need to ensure all data transferred to and from your employees is protected.  The IT solution should secure all access to your company servers with straight security measures facilities to build secure connections to the systems, schedule back-up, and fast access without constraints. 

Undeniably, technology is playing a vital role in remote working. That fact has been more visible amid this pandemic, as we can see the innovative technologies are becoming lifesavers of businesses in many aspects such as sales, marketing, accounting, and HR. 

With that insight, the Hong Kong government has launched the Distance -Business Programme (D-Biz) to support enterprises to sustain the business during the epidemic, through adopting IT solutions that help enhance remote work.

Based on our proven practical experience and expertise in remote work, we are the right partner to help you with your D-Biz application.  With Arestós, You will receive support through everything from building robust IT solutions, preparing winning applications to execute a successful implementation. 

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